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Commercial Dishwasher repairs and how to avoid them when Possible!

Gold Coast Catering equipment services are your local Commercial Dishwasher Repairers Gold Coast and Brisbane!

However, we don’t like to come out to a Commercial Dishwasher Repair Gold that could have been easily fixed by you or one of your staff members. We understand that running a hospitality business is hard work and you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on a simple repair that you could have fixed yourself. You can call us anytime for Commercial Kitchen preventative maintenance if you need us though. Even after hours we are always available if you really get stuck

The problems below are the most common call outs we receive for Commercial dishwasher service and repair that could have been avoided.


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My Dishwasher Has No Power:

This appears obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many call outs we get where we walk in reset an CB/RCD and walk back out again. As an honest and reliable service provider of commercial dishwasher service and repair we can tell you that It is ok for you to try and reset the circuit breaker/RCD yourself at the switchboard.

Remember though if it trips off again then you should call someone specialised in commercial equipment service and repairs to fault find your commercial dishwasher or glass washer. Leaving the problem could cause more damage and cost more money if you leave it. Most of the time this is caused by an internal water leak, faulty element or pest infestation.

Sometimes though the problem is a one off and the commercial dishwasher circuit breaker / rcd can be safely reset and you are back in www.hwestore.com business without spending a cent on a commercial dishwasher service or repair.

My Dishwasher Works Fine Until We Get Busy And Then It Seems Like It Washes Forever Before Rinsing And It Takes Longer And Longer To Finish A Cycle

OK first thing to check is have you run out of hot water. If your dishwasher is a low volume single phase machine up to 20amps, then it will take longer to heat the rinse tank up between each cycle.

If your hot water has run out, then this will dramatically increase your wash time as the rinse cycle will not start until the rinse tank temperature has reached 82 degrees Celsius. https://best-replica-watches.utime.me/ This will get worse as the temperature of the hot water decreases.

If this is your problem, consider a larger hot water system or a higher capacity (preferably 3 phase power) dishwasher.

This could be a viewed as a good problem to have because when you started your business your dishwasher may have coped fine but as you have increased your clientele base significantly you may need to also increase the capacity of your commercial dishwasher.

If hot water is not an option the solution for you may be upgrading to a new Norris AP750 fast response dishwasher.

If the above solution is not the answer for you then unfortunately you will need to call us out to have a look for you.

We are an extremely experienced company and have completed thousands of Commercial Dishwasher repairs! We pride our selves on being the best we can be at our jobs. We also stick by our no diagnosis, no charge policy. If we come out and can’t work out why your commercial dishwasher is not working then we will not charge you a cent.

My Dishwasher Is Over Flowing Or Leaking Badly:

This could happen for many reasons. First, remember water and electricity combined are deadly. If there is any doubt isolate the machine and call us asap. Remember we are available to come out 24/7 365 days of the year. After you have isolated power from the machine check the drain pipe for blockages. Remove the end and blow into it you should see bubbles in your wash tank if its clear.

The most common problems come from the drain connections that run to a spigot under your sink. These get blocked easily. Remove the drain hose clamp and the s-trap, unblock, refit and test dishwasher again

We also specialise in Hobart and Washtec Dishwasher service and repair as well as Electrolux dishwasher service and repair but we really hate coming out for this problem and everybody hates paying us for this one as well. Remember we specialise in Afterhours commercial dishwasher service and repair and afterhours service and repairs for all the major brands of catering and commercial kitchen equipment.

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